Energy plant source emissions

How we helped Trinity provides accurate and timely source emission monitoring to ensure our client complies with its environmental permit. We are able to provide real-time NOx and CO values. The Trinity testing results are used to determine a mass emission rate (g/s) for oxides of nitrogen (NOx). Gas analysers used on site are calibrated […]

Baralaba North Mine noise and vibration

How we helped Trinity was initially commissioned to provide detailed noise monitoring services and develop a noise model to evaluate the acoustic performance of large-scale noise bunds. The monitoring services necessitated regular site work and attended night-time monitoring to supplement the longer term noise logging work. Trinity would review each 15-minute data sample to determine […]

Bluff Coal Mine environmental management plan

How we helped Trinity was commissioned to undertake air, greenhouse, noise and vibration assessments including baseline noise and particulate monitoring. Air modelling was undertaken using The Air Pollution Model (TAPM) to provide 3D meteorological files for Calmet/Calpuff dispersion modelling. This included wind speed dependent variable emission rates and other best practice methods. Noise modelling was […]

Soil gas monitoring contamination

How we helped Trinity conducted sampling for soil gas composition over five years to help determine the spread of contamination in the soil from the former operator’s gasifiers. We undertook extensive sampling as follows: In shallow and deep soil vapour bores and wells For bulk gases including carbon monoxide, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, […]