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Energy plant source emissions

How we helped

Trinity provides accurate and timely source emission monitoring to ensure our client complies with its environmental permit. We are able to provide real-time NOx and CO values.

The Trinity testing results are used to determine a mass emission rate (g/s) for oxides of nitrogen (NOx).

Gas analysers used on site are calibrated daily to ensure accuracy of data.

Each release point is also monitored for moisture, velocity and combustion gases.

Sampling is conducted inside the hazardous area of the facility, and Trinity has consistently maintained a very high level of safety to ensure compliance with all relevant permits.

Sampling is also conducted for methane slip using our Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) analyser.

About the project

The Origin Energy facility at Talinga in western Queensland compresses and processes natural gas, and uses turbines, screw and reciprocating compressors and generators.

The site comprises a dual train gas gathering station, located approximately 30 kilometres south west of Chinchilla.

The facility consists of 12 Waukesha gas engines coupled to ariel screw compressors. The Talinga site is an integral part of the delivery of gas to the Gladstone LNG facility.

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Origin Energy


2013 - current


Talinga, Western Downs, Queensland



Mining and petroleum

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