Baralaba North Mine noise and vibration

How we helped

Trinity was initially commissioned to provide detailed noise monitoring services and develop a noise model to evaluate the acoustic performance of large-scale noise bunds. The monitoring services necessitated regular site work and attended night-time monitoring to supplement the longer term noise logging work.

Trinity would review each 15-minute data sample to determine the mine contribution, requiring significant analysis and development of methods to isolate and remove extraneous noise.

Over time, the regular site trips were able to be reduced due to the development of a real-time noise monitoring system, which was monitored by trained noise supervisors at the mine. Due to the extent of extraneous noise impacts at the monitoring sites, Trinity continued to be engaged to undertake detailed review of noise monitoring data to accurately determine the actual mine contribution at the nearest receptors.

About the project

The Baralaba North Mine is an open cut coal mine located in the Bowen Basin, approximately 3 km north of the town of Baralaba. Approvals are in place to operate up to 4.1 Mtpa run-of-mine coal.

Coal is mined using truck and excavator method, crushed and screened onsite, transported via road-trains to a load-out facility located approximately 2km east of Moura, and then railed to the Port of Gladstone for export to international customers.

The mine produces a high quality ultra-low volatile pulverised coal injection (ULV PCI) coal, which is highly favoured by steel mills. Read more about the mine on the Baralaba site.

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Baralaba North Mine


2018 - 2022


Baralaba, Queensland


Mining and petroleum

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