Soil gas monitoring contamination

How we helped

Trinity conducted sampling for soil gas composition over five years to help determine the spread of contamination in the soil from the former operator’s gasifiers.

We undertook extensive sampling as follows:

  • In shallow and deep soil vapour bores and wells
  • For bulk gases including carbon monoxide, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxides and methane
  • For speciated volatile compounds in including benzene, tolune, xylene and other compounds using summa canisters.

About the project

A commercial miner running an underground coal gasification site near Chinchilla had mismanaged the operation, causing rock to fracture and allowing gases to escape into the soil and atmosphere.

The company was ultimately charged with five counts of causing environmental harm.

The environmental monitoring was part of the biggest environmental investigation held at that point in Queensland.

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Department of Environment and Science (DES)


2015 - 2021


Chinchilla, Western Downs, Queensland



Mining and petroleum

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