Industrial and urban noise and vibration

Looking beyond audible noise to a range of factors including vibration impacts on buildings, natural environments, and activities or services taking place nearby.

What is industrial and urban noise and vibration?

Noise and vibration impacts go hand-in-hand and are often required to be assessed for major projects and at diverse locations, including built environments, remote regional areas and industrial worksites.

Environmental legislation considers noise as a type of environmental pollution, capable of causing harm to humans, facilities and ecosystems.

Potential vibration impacts must also be considered as part of an environmental noise impact assessment, including impacts due to structural-borne regenerated noise, ground-borne vibration or underwater vibration. This includes looking at existing and future vibration sources; geological conditions; potential damage to existing structures, buildings or the natural environment; and the effects of vibration on activities, services and high risk sensitive receptors in the vicinity.

At Trinity Consultants Australia, we support our clients at all stages of project cycles from conducting due diligence and screening assessments, to assisting with permits/licences for development application, and compliance and assurance testing.

Who needs industrial and urban noise and vibration services?

Many different types of companies require industrial and urban noise and vibration services. 

For example, you may seek our services if your project or site has the potential to cause undue effects on others, or you may be experiencing significant noise and vibration impacts from external sources. Or, the surroundings receptors and buildings may have sensitive thresholds or specific noise and vibration requirements that you need to monitor.

Trinity has significant experience in monitoring, analysing and assessing noise and vibration impacts for numerous sectors, including:

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Trinity provides a comprehensive range of environmental and industrial noise and vibration services.

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How we work

At Trinity, we tailor our approach to suit your needs. Our experts will collaborate internally, and with your own project team, to deliver unique and innovative solutions that apply skills and ideas from a range of interelated disciplines. 

We also have a range of specialist monitoring instruments and software, including telemetry and high sensitivity vibration monitors, to help us cover diverse projects and work sites simultaneously.

If you need tailored advice around noise and vibration assessments, our experienced team can guide you through the relevant legislative requirements for your location and industry. 

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