Clem7 tunnel acoustics

How we helped

We were commissioned by the then ‘NorthConnex’ project to provide detailed acoustic modelling for the tender design of the now Clem7 tunnel.

Trinity conducted background noise monitoring, environmental noise prediction modelling and room acoustic modelling of the in-tunnel noise influences. The work included advice during the planning stages right through until installation. Trinity was also tasked with undertaking certification testing upon completion.

Further to our environmental noise work, Trinity also completed computational modelling of the acoustic intelligibility performance of various systems for the emergency egress public address (PA) system. The modelling established design options and assessed the optimum positioning and distribution of the loudspeakers. Trinity also undertook verification testing upon installation.

About the project

Clem7 was the first of a series of road tunnels implemented within Brisbane, and Trinity Consultants Australia is privileged and proud to have been involved at numerous stages of the broader project.

We maintain strong ties with the project engineers and companies associated with the work completed in 2007-2009, and have a reputation for a strong understanding of the nuances of road tunnel noise, both internal and to the surrounding environment.

The work completed on Clem7 led to an ongoing involvement in many tunnel projects and tenders along the east coast of Australia.

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