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The University of Queensland (UQ) was concerned about vibration impact from scheduled demolition/construction work, and its potential to compromise the integrity of sensitive equipment in the adjacent critical services data centre building.

Trinity was engaged to provide professional advice to assist in meeting the University’s vibration requirements for its data centre. Given the sensitivity of the data centre to vibration, it was crucial that appropriate vibration limits be set to minimise vibration transfer from the demolition and construction work into the data centre.

Based on our expertise and understanding of ground vibration, and our research and analysis of the site constraints and variables, we derived a specific vibration tolerance that could be applied to this site to reduce the identified risks.

Once we reached an agreement with various stakeholders and the project team regarding the thresholds/limits, the Trinity team worked with UQ and the contractor to discuss all the steps to be taken, from setting up through decommissioning.

Using state-of-the-art vibration monitoring equipment and analyser, we continuously monitored the vibration levels during the demolition and construction. The vibration monitoring equipment used had capabilities to provide real time alert notifications and remote download of vibration data.

The demolition and construction works were completed without exceeding the proposed threshold and no damage to the building structure or the equipment were noted.

About the project

Demolition and construction work were scheduled in close proximity to the University of Queensland’s data centre. Due to the sensitive nature of the equipment within the data centre, and the existing site conditions, the university had a set of specific requirements for vibration limits for the contractor to adhere to.


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