Stack emissions testing

Stack or source emissions testing involves taking direct measurements of an emission source, usually at an industrial or manufacturing facility.

What is stack emission testing?

Stack or source emissions monitoring involves taking direct measurements of an emission source, usually at an industrial or manufacturing facility.

The process of stack testing is complex, and generally involves collecting samples at the source of emissions (often a stack), with the samples subsequently lodged with a certified laboratory for analysis.

Given the range of compounds that can be tested, the methods and sampling instrumentation involved in source emission testing is varied. Sample methods include isokinetic methods, wet chemical, direct read instruments, gas sampling into bags and on sorbent tubes and collection of odour samples for subsequent olfactometry analysis.

Stack emission testing should be undertaken by NATA-certified engineers, scientists and trained air quality consultants, such as the expert team at Trinity Consultants Australia (NATA certified in accordance with ISO17025).

Who needs stack emission testing?

Stack emission testing is often required for annual monitoring in a site environmental licence. The purpose is often to demonstrate compliance of emissions with the legislative requirements and the environmental performance commitments of a company.

Other circumstances where stack testing may be required include the development of new processes and products, and testing to optimise existing processes.

For example, stack emission testing data can provide an important indication of the efficiency of a combustion process or a particular production, as this type of testing enables us to quantify the compounds that are being emitted as a waste product via the stack.

Trinity has undertaken stack emission testing for a range of industries including:

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