Event noise management

Pre-, during and post-event management and control of noise at live entertainment venues and events.

What is event noise management?

Event noise management refers to the management and control of noise at live entertainment venues and events.

As a service, event noise management combines acoustic engineering with practical entertainment experience and up-to-date knowledge of noise legislation and requirements.

The Trinity team have worked in the industry for decades. We know our local venues inside and out, and our experience is invaluable in predicting problems and solving them before they even occur. You can trust Trinity to help ensure your events run smoothly.

Who needs event noise management?

Almost all live entertainment venues require some degree of compliance monitoring. At Trinity, we provide this monitoring alongside pro-active acoustic advice that ensures both compliant and best practice event noise management.

Concerts, festivals, sporting matches and other large events usually require event-specific support. Venues that host regular gigs or entertainment may need support at the development approval or liquor licensing stage, as well as with periodic noise compliance monitoring. Many venues also benefit from proactive noise management advice.

Trinity has provided event noise management and liquor licensing assessment services for businesses including:

Why Choose Trinity

Trinity capabilities

Trinity provides full event noise management services before, during and after an event.

Pre-event management

Management during an event

Post-event management

Assessments for proposed entertainment premises

How we work

At Trinity, we use the current CadnaA and SoundPLAN software to create project-specific three-dimensional noise models that review both internal venue noise and external influences such as meteorology, terrain and surrounding buildings. This allows us to provide targeted noise control solutions for every event and location.  Drawing on our knowledge of legislation and the industry we are able to prepare comprehensive applications and noise management plans for varied entertainment activities.

During an event, the Trinity team works proactively to maintain sound quality and audience satisfaction without compromising compliance with external noise limits, wherever practicable. .

After an event, we are able to provide noise monitoring reports and summary of data, containing the necessary information and formatting for relevant regulatory authorities and event approvals.

The Trinity team is experienced in working with sound engineers and the production team of major events, as well as liaising with the community and regulators. We understand that community relations and perceptions play an important role for the approval and future running of any event. Our team is adept at community consultation and liaison with individual complainants, which is often desired by the regulators and can give comfort to concerned public, alleviating stress on the venue.

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