North Byron Parklands permanent approval for major music events

How we helped

Noth Byron Parklands initially asked Trinity to provide guidance and a supporting noise management plan for the proposed routine major music festivals at the site. At that time, the generic noise limits in place were not appropriate or representative of the short-term major tourism boost that was provided by such events.

Trinity was instrumental in working with regulators and the local community to reach an agreement where the event site was feasible to operate, while noise impacts to surrounding residents were minimised.

In 2019, after increasingly successful event results (reduced complaints and demonstration of a reasonable level of noise control), the site was granted a permanent approval for the activities.

Trinity* has been the preferred supplier to North Byron Parklands noise monitoring program from 2014 through to 2023. We provide annual event noise management services for the site’s two biggest events, Splendour in the Grass and Falls Festival.

In order to demonstrate the viability of the site, as well as provide support in delivering well controlled and compliant events, we have provided a variety of support to North Byron Parklands, including:

  • Liaison with regulatory authorities and community groups on behalf of the venue to assist it in securing approvals
  • Preparation of a noise management plan (NMP) to manage noise emissions during events
  • Preparation of an acoustic monitoring program to demonstrate performance against the NMP during major festivals to the regulator and other key stakeholders
  • Active noise control during events including noise monitoring and front-of-house noise level management, both throughout the sound checks and the event, for simultaneous multiple stages
  • Significant on-ground support and equipment deployed during major events, including:
    • Two roaming, attended monitoring staff during amplification periods; reviewing offsite noise levels, attending to noise complaint locations where appropriate
    • One managing staff member, monitoring the front-of-house stage volumes, directing attended staff and liaising directly with the event production team to maintain compliant volumes offsite
    • Fixed position offsite monitoring at reference locations
    • Computational modelling and optimisation of the event stage and speaker layout prior to the event to assist in minimising potential noise impacts on the surrounding area.


In addition to the roaming monitoring staff, and unattended monitoring campaign during each event, Trinity introduced the innovation of a central hub of noise management, with a live feed to the major stages’ operating volumes. This enabled both increased awareness of when noise had the potential to elevate offsite and an increased ability to identify the source, should an elevated level of noise be measured.

This approach has been demonstrated to keep a more consistent level of control (fewer elevated periods) and reduced complaints throughout major events.

Further to the above, the computational model of the site can be reviewed for the prevalent wind conditions and stage operating volumes, providing valuable insight to the unique terrain and weather of the northern New South Wales area.

About the project

North Byron Parklands is a 660-acre cultural arts and music events venue that hosts some of the largest and busiest festivals in Australia. Its two biggest events – Splendour in the Grass and Falls Festival – can each bring between 25,000 to 50,000 patrons onsite, across three to four major concert stages, as well as a hive of additional activity, and venue and food suppliers. All this taking place amid a thriving local community of long-term residents in the Byron Shire.

The Parklands’ huge natural amphitheatre presents some unique acoustic challenges in terms of noise management for both patrons onsite (and managing audience experience between stages), as well as the surrounding communities.

*Please note, Trinity Consultants Australia is a merger of three former Queensland-founded businesses: ASK Consulting, Air Noise Environment, and Vision Environment. Many projects listed have been undertaken by current Trinity Consultants Australia team members, while operating under those former business names. Learn more about our history.


North Byron Parklands


2014 - ongoing


Byron Shire, New South Wales



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