North Byron Parklands permanent approval for major music events

How we helped Noth Byron Parklands initially asked Trinity to provide guidance and a supporting noise management plan for the proposed routine major music festivals at the site. At that time, the generic noise limits in place were not appropriate or representative of the short-term major tourism boost that was provided by such events. Trinity […]

Belmont Shooting Complex noise

How we helped Trinity has provided acoustic engineering services addressing noise emissions from existing shooting ranges and from the new clay target range that was required for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Trinity has also provided architectural acoustic services for the Shooting Centre project. The Belmont Shooting Complex has been operating for many decades and over […]

Sydney Cricket Ground noise and events

How we helped Trinity provides ongoing noise monitoring and event management support during concerts and events, and periodic review of sporting events, at the Sydney Football Stadium and Sydney Cricket Ground. This has involved live attended noise monitoring of operating levels, both internally at the mixing desk operations and at a variety of locations externally. […]

Robina Stadium noise and acoustics

How we helped Trinity provided both environmental noise and acoustic design services for the award-winning Robina Stadium (Cbus Super Stadium). The environmental impact of the stadium operations was assessed by Trinity and required detailed ambient noise monitoring for the definition of the environmental noise criteria, detailed 3D computer noise, and post-construction noise monitoring of the […]