Lyttelton Port water quality

How we helped

Trinity’s water quality business, Vision Environment, is a long-term environmental monitoring partner at Lyttelton Port, Christchurch.

We provide a total water quality monitoring solution for Lyttelton Port, including data collection, data processing, and data display and interface with our customised real-time project dashboards, as required.

Involved from the very beginning of the port’s channel widening project back in 2016, the Trinity team’s years of experience on complex dredging sites was invaluable from the get-go. It allowed us to anticipate problems before they arose and find solutions quickly when incidents occurred.

Throughout the initial channel widening project, our work included:

  • Helping the port to design a monitoring program that was absolutely world best practice
  • Assisting with stakeholder engagement and the dredging consent process, even prior to the program being approved
  • Fabricating custom monitoring equipment and buoys that could withstand the tough climatic conditions of New Zealand’s east coast
  • Real-time monitoring, alerts and data display via our custom online dashboards
  • Attaining greater than 98% validated real-time data recovery rate.

We continue to conduct monitoring for the port’s annual maintenance dredging.

About the project

Vision Environment was contracted to conduct monitoring and ensure environmental compliance for Lyttelton Port’s channel deepening, widening and lengthening, which was New Zealand’s largest ever dredging project. We also provided, and continue to provide, monitoring for a range of interdependent works at the port. You can read more about the project on the Lyttelton Port website.

Please note, Trinity Consultants Australia is a merger of three former Queensland-founded businesses: ASK Consulting, Air Noise Environment, and Vision Environment. Many projects listed have been undertaken by current Trinity Consultants Australia team members, while operating under those former business names. Learn more about our history.


Lyttelton Port Company


2016 - 2020


Christchurch, New Zealand



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