Queensland Children’s Hospital acoustic design

How we helped

The Queensland Children’s Hospital was a special project from the start, combining the widest range of conflicting uses into one structure. Trinity was able to overcome many unique and conflicting technical issues.

  • The hospital had to be a building of specialities and extremes, but with a homely and safe feel for children.
  • A significant challenge was the acoustic design of public zones, which are passively ventilated for an active and happy feel. Noise intrusions from transport, emergency vehicles and a roof-top helicopter pad, were treated in a cost-effective manner using sound-absorbing perforated plywood.
  • Sensitive healing spaces such as sleep study rooms, intensive care units, audio booths, operating rooms and MRI facilities were in direct conflict with noise-generating spaces such as music therapy, Radio Lollipop and plant rooms. The big challenge was to treat helicopter noise so as not to excite or scare children. Extensive acoustic modelling was undertaken to design acoustic treatments.
  • Another challenge was the potential for air conditioning to be too quiet in healing spaces. Mechanical services were assigned target background noise levels to provide acoustic privacy.
  • Auditorium and seminar rooms were finished with acoustic reflective and absorptive wall panels.

Trinity worked with Abigroup to ensure the many different contractors understood the acoustic design. Multiple samples were installed to show how the acoustic-related constructions were to be finished. Onsite markings identified areas of importance and partitions ratings and zones, to ensure acoustic treatments were not overlooked.

About the project

The Queensland Children’s Hospital is Australia’s largest and most advanced paediatric facility, with 359 beds. It includes operating theatres, mental health, sleep medicine, helicopter pad and carer accommodation. Children have an in-house radio station, school, and play and recreation spaces.

The unique design of the hospital led to the hospital winning the Future Health Project Award at the 2014 Design and Health International Academy Awards. Innovative acoustic objectives and treatments were integrated from master planning through the design stages.

The completed project not only looks amazing, but the invisible architectural design feels and sounds brilliant. For a virtual tour go to the Queensland Children’s Hospital website.

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