Groundwater monitoring Gladstone

How we helped

Trinity provided an environmental field program to Gladstone Regional Council to help them monitor recycled water used for irrigation at several sites within the region. Irrigation sites included recreational park facilities and a golf course.

We conducted in situ measurements of groundwater and surface water using a multiparameter water quality meter (temperature, turbidity, pH, Electrical conductivity).

Laboratory analyses of water samples were then undertaken, including physicochemical parameters, nutrients and biological analyses.

Finally, we provided analysed data in a series of reports to the client, which incorporated historical data to establish any temporal changes in conditions.

About the project

Using recycled water for irrigation is a sustainable way to manage water consumption. Gladstone Regional Council uses recycled water from its water treatment plant to irrigate various public locations. The council undertakes regular groundwater, surface water and soil sampling at these locations to ensure its recycled water meets the necessary standards.

Assessments are undertaken for nutrient concentrations, pH and salinity, among other factors. This ensures the environmental conditions of public areas (such as recreational parks) remain intact and can continue to be used by the community.


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